Siklu Introduces Terragraph Compliant Solutions for Gigabit Wireless Market

Siklu has introduced Terragraph (TG) compliant products for the ‘Gigabit Wireless Access’ market. The Siklu Terragraph family is being announced at TIP Summit '19, in Amsterdam. Terragraph is a gigabit wireless technology designed by Facebook (Click here to read about it).

Siklu, with more than 80,000 mm-Wave units sold and more than 225 Smart City deployments, is recognized as the most experienced mm-Wave vendor in the rapidly-growing Gigabit Wireless Access sector. Siklu's Terragraph product line represents the company's third-generation 60 GHz multipoint solutions. Coupled with their extensive line of point-to-point E-Band (70/80GHz) and 60GHz point-to-point and multipoint products, Siklu also offers a complete line of advanced software applications for planning, designing, deploying, and operating extensive Fixed 5G and Smart City mm-Wave networks.

This announcement of Terragraph Products represents a substantial acceleration of the introduction of Siklu’s TG, 60 GHz Fixed 5G systems and brings Gigabit-speed connectivity to data-impoverished communities across the globe. With this accelerated plan, Siklu expects to be in initial field trials in Q1 and commercial deployments by mid-year 2020, continuing its leadership in Fixed 5G mm-Wave with the largest portfolio of solutions on the market.