Isotropic Systems Demonstrated Bi-Directional Over-the-Air Satellite Tests

Isotropic Systems has announced that it has completed a key milestone in its development path towards a new generation of multi-beam, high performance, and low-cost satellite ground terminals. The UK-based company demonstrated bi-directional high-speed connectivity with a Ka-broadband satellite, proving its optical beam-forming technology is capable of all electronic scanning and tracking well beyond the conventional performance of flat panel antennas and conventional phased array technology, measured in scanning range, scan performance and corresponding throughput.

The tests included web browsing, video downloads, video streaming, two-way video calls, online gaming, VoIP, e-mail and additional WAN application testing completed from Isotropic Systems' state-of-the-art laboratory at the InnovateUK Satellite Catapult facility, utilizing capacity from Avanti's Hylas-4 Ka-band satellite.

Isotropic’s next over-the-air test is expected to focus on multi-beam connectivity in Ka-band. Unlike other multi-beam antennas, the company will demonstrate full-duplex transmission to its strategic customers, with each beam independently operating the entire aperture bandwidth.