Exxelia to Showcase Space Magnetics & Ceramic Capacitors at Space Tech Expo 2019

Exxelia, a designer and manufacturer of highly engineered passive components, will be showcasing its ESA qualified CCM (Chameleon Concept Magnetics) technology and its EPPL C48X Ceramic Capacitors range at Space Tech Expo Europe, from 19 - 21 November in Bremen, Germany.

ESA Qualified CCM Technology

Exxelia’s highly customizable Chameleon Concept Magnetics technology allows the manufacturing of inductors and transformers. Available in 5 different sizes allowing a high number of windings and up to 10x2 pins, this technology withstands harsh environments, shocks, and vibrations and operates over a wide temperature range of -55°C / +125°C. Thanks to its epoxy molding that protects the windings and ensuring a better thermal dissipation to the pins and PCB. CCM products imply 50% less temperature rise, hence offering an additional 10 to 20% more power compared to standard technology.

The CCM Technology in 5 key takeaways:
  • Ideal for the design of multi outputs transformers
  • Time-saving & Higher reliability: up to 10 x 2 pins avoiding lead wire connections
  • Easy mounting on PCB: compatible with pick-and-place surface mount
  • Up to +20% more power versus standard technologies
  • No additional cost for tooling and qualification
C48X Ceramic Capacitor range officially listed in EPPL

Combining the advantages of class 1 (NPO) and class 2 (X7R) dielectrics, the C48X dielectric (-2,200ppm/°C) provides, under working voltage, equivalent capacitance values to an X7R material with the advantage of a very low dissipation factor of less than 5.10-4.

  • Withstands very high dV/dt, up to 10kV/ µs
  • Very low dissipation factor -> less than 5.10-4
  • Capacitance value of 3.3µF 200V -> up to 40 times more than an NPO
  • Polymer flexible layer for chips range

Compatible to surface mounting (chips, DIL or ribbon leads) or through-hole mounting and available from 200V to 5kV with sizes ranging from 1812 to 6560 allowing a maximum capacitance of 3.3µF at 200V, the EPPL C48X series is ideal for pulse and charge/discharge applications and precision filtering capacitance in thermally challenged environment for AC or DC voltage and 400 Hz applications such as on-board networks.

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