Multi-Technology RF Measurement Software for Analyzing Cellular Networks

At the MILIPOL event (the leading event For Homeland Security and Safety) in Paris, Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is exhibiting its R&S NESTOR Windows based software for analyzing cellular networks over the air interface. The software is widely deployed by law enforcement agencies, intelligence services and armed forces.

The NESTOR is used together with Rohde & Schwarz mobile network scanners, which offer the most advanced technology worldwide. The software supports all relevant applications that public authorities and security organizations need to gather information about cellular networks. It is used in vehicles, aircrafts, drones, and on foot. It features a cutting-edge touchscreen software interface. In addition to direct acquisition, visualization and real-time analysis of all measurement data (online), the software enables users to carry out in-depth post-processing and long-term analysis (offline).

R&S NESTOR is simple and convenient to operate. Since it has just a few, uniformly designed control elements, both experienced and inexperienced users can quickly learn how to use the software and obtain fast, conclusive results. Only minimal training is needed to efficiently acquire information.

The NESTOR supports the following applications:
  • Automatic detection of all GSM, UMTS, LTE (TDD and FDD), 5G NR, CDMA 2000 and EV-DO networks, bands and channels
  • Autonomous acquisition of cell information, signal power and signal quality
  • Mobile network coverage measurements and determination of cell boundaries
  • Creation and management of cell lists including geographic positions
  • Retrieval of coverage data for forensic investigations
  • Detection and analysis of miss-configured cells (mobile and stationary applications)

The R&S NESTOR architecture supports direct (live), autonomous (offline) and networked operations as well as client/server operation over IP based links.

Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing the NESTOR along with its other solutions at MILIPOL 2019 in Booth #5D086 from November 19-22.