Compact S-Band Terminal for Reliable Satellite Network Connectivity

EchoStar Mobile, a leading mobile satellite operator and a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation, has announced its new Hughes 4500 S-band terminal that offers reliable connectivity over satellite networks for mobile, land and maritime network applications. The terminal features an omni-directional antenna and is designed for mobile and fixed operations.

The Hughes 4500 is the first S-band terminal in the market featuring low power consumption, ultra-light weight, and a simple installation process. These factors make the terminal extremely well suited for mobile operations and long-term fixed deployments in remote, power-challenged locations and in extreme weather environments. It ensures always-on network connectivity and will automatically restore connectivity in the event of an interruption.

This new terminal is unique in terms of its mobile capabilities, power consumption and operational simplicity. It is a cost-effective device ideal for fixed and mobile use on land or for maritime applications. By 2020, EchoStar is anticipating to launch a dual mode variant of the 4500 terminal with integrated 4G LTE connectivity for heterogeneous wireless access to maximize service continuity while minimizing connectivity costs.

The Hughes 4500 S-band terminal was showcased during the European Utility Week event in Paris from 12th-14th November.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, EchoStar Mobile is a leading mobile operator providing connectivity across Europe, the North Sea and the Mediterranean. The company provides access to a converged satellite and terrestrial network enabling enhanced mobile voice and data communications for businesses, government agencies and consumers.