Multi-Channel ADC Supports 6.5 GHz Input Bandwidth

Leading RF technology solutions provider, Teledyne e2v, has announced the release of a new 12-bit quad-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the EV12AQ605. A variation on the company’s popular EV12AQ600 ADC, the latest signal conditioning solution offers almost identical functionality, but at a lower price point that will appeal to high volume, cost-sensitive markets. Bridging the gap between the analog RF and digital worlds, the EV12AQ605’s input bandwidth exceeds 6.5 GHz (in extended bandwidth mode). The number of channels used, gain, offset and sample delay are all programmable through its SPI interface.

The only key differences between the two ADCs are the number of interleaving mismatch calibration settings saved on the one time programmable (OTP) memory and the temperature range supported (-40°C to +110°C, rather than the EV12AQ600’s -55°C to +125°C). As these ADCs are pin-to-pin compatible, engineers have a straightforward replacement path that doesn’t require alterations to existing EV12AQ600-based designs.

Inclusion of a cross-point switch means the EV12AQ605’s four processing cores can each run independently, simultaneously or paired together, thereby allowing allocation of the full sampling capacity to meet specific channel count requirements. The ADC delivers a 6.4 GSps single-channel sampling rate, 3.2 GSps/channel while in dual-channel mode and 1.6GSps/channel in quad-channel mode. It can be operated as a standalone unit or synchronized to ADC counterparts. Output data is delivered at speeds of up to 12. 8 Gbps via a low-latency ESIstream serial link.

Alongside all this, Teledyne e2v’s proprietary chain synchronizing mechanism assures continued synchronization across the channels of multiple units. Consequently, the EV12AQ605 is optimized for addressing the rising channel counts of next generation wireless infrastructure – where digital beam forming, large phased-array antennas and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems will soon be commonplace. In addition, this ADC can be incorporated into phased-array radars, LiDAR systems, high-speed industrial data acquisition hardware, wideband satellite receivers, automated test equipment and advanced digital instrumentation.

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