Emerging 5G Materials for the mm-Wave Device Market

Emerging 5G Materials for the mm-Wave Device Market

Lux Research has published a new report titled - Materials for 5G: Opportunities in mmWave Substrates for navigating the emerging industries in 5G technology. 

The report details the progress that has been made on the rollout of 5G networks and technologies to date identifies the unmet material needs for mm-Wave technology to enable millions of new devices, and reviews the current technology options and emerging alternatives, with a focus on innovative groups that are already beginning to tackle these challenges. Lux also forecasts in the report the future market demand and expected market share for different materials as 5G networks continue to proliferate globally.

Despite political headwinds, telecommunications giants, retailers, tech companies, and world governments have all embraced the promise of 5G technology. In order to meet this relatively new but rapidly growing demand, a separate materials arms race has emerged. Currently, liquid-crystal polymers (LCP), polyimides (PI), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) substrates are leading the way in this competition to meet high-frequency demand.

By 2030, the market for materials that can adequately meet these new 5G demands is likely to reach 14,000 Metric Tonnes of materials, totaling $2.3 billion. mmWave-enabled cell phones will be the initial market for these advanced materials, but 5G infrastructure will become the largest source of demand by 2024.

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