These New TCXOs Offer Incredibly Low Phase Noise

Leading multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer, Kyocera Corporation has introduced compact temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) offering the industry's lowest phase noise (based on research by Kyocera, as of October 31, 2019). Samples of the new Kyocera KT1612 Series and KT2016 Series TCXOs are now available worldwide, with volume production planned to start in March 2020.

Increased communication speeds and data capacities required for new 5G and Wi-Fi technologies have brought about a shift toward multilevel modulation systems that send multiple signals to a single section of a single wavelength. However, since noise and frequency fluctuations can produce data errors, circuit designers seek compact TCXOs that can provide higher frequency stability with less degradation. In these applications, a TCXO has two important performance indices: Phase Noise: Amplitude and phase fluctuations due to inherent noise in the device; and Phase Jitter: Shifts and fluctuations in the time domain of the waveform.

Kyocera's new compact TCXO delivers an industry-leading, ultra-low phase noise of -168 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. In addition, it reduces phase jitter to 68 fs from 12 kHz to 5 MHz, resulting in greatly improved communication quality. These new benchmark performance levels were achieved using high-Q-value, high-quality, synthetic crystals grown at Kyocera's Yamagata Higashine Plant, combined with a crystal oscillator optimized by plasma chemical vaporization machining (CVM), an ultra-high-precision processing technology, and an oscillator circuit that suppresses noise.

Product Characteristics (KT1612 & KT2016):
  • Dimension: 1.65×1.25×0.55 mm (KT1612) & 2.0×1.6×0.8 mm (KT2016)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30-+85℃
  • Output Frequency Range: 26 MHz-52 MHz
  • Frequency Tolerance vs. Temperature: ±0.5×10-6
  • Frequency Aging: ±1.0×10-6/year 25℃ (Max.)
  • Supply Voltage: 1.68-3.63 V
  • Output Level (at maximum load): 0.8Vp-p (Min.)
  • Consumption Current: 2.5 mA (Max.) / 26 MHz

Kyocera intends to continue enhancing its TCXO line with improved phase-noise characteristics to support better performance in smartphones and network equipment.