RFS Showcasing its CPR Certified Radiating Cables at PMRExpo 2019

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, has announced that it will feature a complete portfolio of RADIAFLEX radiating cables that have achieved Construction Products Regulation (CPR) certification at PMRExpo 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

RADIAFLEX radiating cables facilitate radio communication where the usual free space propagation of electromagnetic waves is hampered, undesired or impossible- in tunnels, mines, buildings, alongside tracks or lines and in large complexes like exhibition grounds or airports.

RFS is dedicated to ensuring its entire portfolio of cables offers the highest levels of fire protection and is continually optimizing its cable designs and materials to increase their resistance to fire. The company was the first in Europe to offer communications cables with a premium jacket option for maximum fire protection in accordance with European Union (EU) Regulation No. 305/2011 [1] (standard EN 50575). RFS has offered a comprehensive portfolio of cables that meet the requirements in the EN 50575 standard since compliance with the EU regulation became mandatory in 2017.

RFS is showcasing its complete portfolio of CPR-compliant cables at PMRExpo 2019 from 26th to 28th November in Cologne, Germany.