EMITE Test Platform leads the 5G device OTA test market in the United States

Four main wireless carriers operate in the United States. After the approval of EMITE E-Series Test Platform by one US carrier for 4G OTA testing of devices a few years ago, the EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform has now been selected by the largest US carrier for testing 5G devices over the air.

Among the many EMITE-inherent technical advantages considered for the selection, was an outstanding fully-automated and complete system and instrument control GUI software capable of batch testing overnight, the integration of climatic-control, the use of different 3GPP-approved test methods, an astonishing 0.5 dB inter-lab repeatability and the ability to operate diverse signaling boxes were considered key factors.

EMITE 5G OTA Test Platforms have also been recently listed at PTCRB, and can now be considered the state-of-the-art for 5G OTA testing. The company will open its USA branch office near New York shortly to complement Acentury Americas local teams in Dallas and San Francisco, and will serve its USA customers even better than before. A special price campaign for H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform after PTCRB approval is scheduled to be launched within 2019.