Sivers IMA & Blu Wireless Partner to Provide 5G mm-Wave Modules


Sivers IMA has signed a supply agreement with Blu Wireless Technology for the delivery of radio modules for unlicensed mmWave 5G wireless communication markets such as FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) and track-to-train. Blu Wireless designs and licenses baseband modem IP for mmWave applications. First deployments of Blu Wireless’ track-to-train solution are planned during the first quarter of 2020.

Railway operators have long sought to improve their Wi-Fi quality but have faced major technical and cost challenges to deliver reliable Gbps broadband to their customers. Blu Wireless’ unlicensed mmWave 5G solution exploits the unique capabilities of Sivers IMA’s radio modules to offer their passengers stable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity at a data rate of over 100 times that currently possible with 4G technology.

Blu Wireless has been an important partner to Sivers IMA for many years. Together, the companies offer an integrated solution of Sivers IMA’s leading radio technology and first-class base-band technology from Blu Wireless. The supply agreement applies to radio modules, so-called RF modules for the unlicensed 60 GHz frequency band.