Atenlab Appoints Global Sales Representatives for its OTA Measurement Systems

Atenlab Corporation, a leading antenna measurement system supplier based out of Taiwan, has updated its global sales representatives list for the company's large variety of antenna measurement systems. Atenlab has developed four major categories of Over-the-Air (OTA) measurement systems to meet various requirements - A2 light type, A3 compact type, A6 standard type and A8 professional type.

OTA measurement facilities are widely used in the communication system and device manufacturing industry. With the advancement of the OTA measurement system, customers are able to perform more comprehensive measurements and tests, staying ahead in the market. Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR) are able to measure devices and systems up to 100 GHz.

Atenlab’s R Series CATR OTA Measurement System demonstrates an ideal quiet zone for Sub−6 GHz measurements. Clients can choose between the 3 models of the R Series based on their needs and DUTs' sizes. Other solutions include Atenlab’s M Series Multi-Probe OTA Measurement System, which has a definite advantage over single-probe systems. M Series drastically reduces the time required for measurements and increase productivity. In order to achieve high -performance measurement system, the series is integrated with SISO, LTE MIMO and WIFI MIMO. With the advancement of technologies, M Series is able to conduct different varieties of test and analyze cross modulation interference.

The new sales representative regions include:

Atenlab Corporation has been operating in Taiwan for more than a decade. With over 20 employees, having installed hundreds chambers around the world, Atenlab is the largest antenna measurement system supplier in Taiwan. With the wealth of experience and customer feedback, Atenlab is experienced in trouble-shooting and able to provide strong support and fast response to the customers.