SIMCom Partners with Qualcomm to Develop 5G Modules

SIMCom, a leading 5G and IoT module manufacturer based in China has started working with Qualcomm to make 5G technology a reality. Their latest 5G modules - the SIM8200 and SIM8300 ensure smooth operation in 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) real networks. 

SIMCom integrated the SIM8200EA-M2 into a netbook to realize a stable connection on a real 5G network, signifying that SIMCom 5G modules can fully realize end-to-end data communication capability on an NSA network making 5G a reality.

SIMCom 5G modules SIM8200 and SIM8300 are based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon X55 5G Modem platform, supporting standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network deployment, and are capable of covering three major telecommunication operators in China and 3G/4G/5G frequency range in multiple countries/regions worldwide. The 5G modules are used with M.2 and LGA encapsulating technologies, supporting multiple communication interfaces, such as USB3.1/PCIE Gen3/RGMII, and can be used in the fields, such as CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment), video monitoring, industrial gateways, and intelligent vehicle systems.

SIMCom is working with Qualcomm to provide the optimal industry solution for 5G customers.