Quectel Demonstrates 5G mm-Wave Data Call Using a Laptop

Quectel has recently achieved its first millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) NSA data call using a laptop in a lab powered by the RM510Q-GL chipset. As one of the first module vendors to have completed successful 5G tests on customer devices, Quectel has proved to be a leader in offering high-quality 5G connections to OEMs throughout the world.

Featuring the Qualcomm SDX55 modem, the RM510Q-GL 5G M.2 module supports Sub-6GHz and mmWave bands in both 5G SA/NSA operation modes. It covers nearly all the major carriers worldwide and is backward compatible with LTE-A and 3G networks. The module integrates a multi-constellation GNSS receiver, eSIM and high-speed interfaces such as USB 3.1 and PCIe 3.0, and is ideal for globally deployed mobile devices including Always Connected PCs (ACPC), industrial PDAs and mobile gateways. 

Besides mmWave, Quectel also completed a series of successful live 5G tests over a laptop on Sub-6 GHz bands. At a two-day expo in Hefei during November 25-26, Quectel teamed up with LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology, a leading laptop manufacturer, to conduct multiple tests on a laptop using the China Mobile Communications Group’s live 5G NR network. Random tests showed that the laptop delivered a downlink data rate of 649 Mbps via Quectel RM500Q module.