New Timing Technology Deployed by Major US Service Provider to Support 5G Services

ADVA, a hardware and software-based networking solutions provider, has announced that a major US Communication Service Provider (CSP) is deploying its timing technology to synchronize national 5G services. Oscilloquartz’s OSA 5420 Series of grandmaster clocks with GPS receivers is delivering highly accurate and reliable phase and frequency synchronization to the edge of the CSP’s network, enhancing LTE connectivity and enabling mass 5G rollout. With its fully assured PTP timing and extended holdover performance, the OSA 5420 ensures availability by removing vulnerability to GPS outages. Enhanced robustness and precision are key to supporting the spectrum utilization needed for 5G mobile, home, and business applications.

Oscilloquartz’s synchronization technology is ideal to support these new 5G services. As a source of phase and frequency timing, the OSA 5420 Series meets the stringent accuracy requirements that Tier 1 carriers need to take their spectrum utilization to new levels. With its extended holdover, Oscilloquartz’s OSA 5420 helps to ensure next-generation services that are not only extremely fast but also reliable and resilient. It empowers this major American CSP to deliver the benefits of 5G connectivity to mobile, residential and enterprise customers right across the country.

The OSA 5420 Series supports the latest ITU-T PTP telecom profiles and offers flexibility by utilizing Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 PTP over IPv6. The solution provides the CSP's network with the highest availability thanks to its holdover performance based on high-end quartz oscillator technology. The OSA 5420 comes with Syncjack™ assurance technology that alerts the CSP’s operations teams to any issues before services are affected. With its modular design, it also offers easy scalability with support for additional Gigabit Ethernet and BITS interfaces. The pioneering network is now being rolled out in cities across the US.

Oscilloquartz’s versatile and cost-effective OSA 5420 Series is now meeting the timing challenges of one of the world’s first 5G networks. With this project, Oscilloquartz is providing the heartbeat of a leading CSP’s 5G wireless service and highlighting its position as a global driving force behind next-generation network synchronization. When it comes to distributing and assuring timing all the way to the network edge, the OSA 5420 is the ultimate toolkit. With its multiple fan-out options, it provides an unbeatable scale. It also offers precise synchronization of legacy network architectures based on NTP and SSU for a seamless transition to 5G.

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA company, designs, manufactures and deploys end-to-end synchronization systems that ensure the delivery and assurance of highly precise timing information over next-generation packet and legacy networks.