Keysight PXI VNA Used to Develop mm-Wave 5G Semiconductor Manufacturing Test Platform

Keysight in partnership with Marvin Test Solutions (MTS) – a supplier of functional test solutions – has developed a fast and accurate 5G semiconductor manufacturing test platform. The two companies focused on advancing beamformer integrated circuit (IC) test technology to help manufacturers of semiconductors accelerate the production of high performance 5G integrated ICs.

Marvin – a trusted provider of globally-deployed test solutions for military, aerospace, and manufacturing organizations – integrated Keysight’s PXIe-based Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) to achieve accurate and fast measurements in its TS-960e-5G mmWave Test System. With Keysight’s proprietary measurement science and expertise in beamforming IC test technology, MTS can now offer leading semiconductor manufacturers the ability to improve their production yield at a significantly reduced cost. Keysight’s highly scalable PXIe-based VNAs, when combined with MTS’ scalable, open architecture mmWave test platform and ATEasy software development suite, offer the measurement performance highly sought after by customers and enables MTS to simplify testing for global manufacturing organizations.

Keysight’s recently introduced M980xA Series network analyzers offer the scalability required to test multi-port components, front end modules (FEMs) and base stations that rely on beamforming technology. Mobile operators are deploying beamforming technology to extend cellular coverage and deliver higher data rates, leading to improved mmWave 5G network reliability and efficiency. To ensure reliable and efficient 5G mmWave communications, the performance of critical elements that form part of the beamformer IC need to be rigorously tested under linear and nonlinear conditions across the entire workflow from design, validation to manufacturing.

Keysight’s industry-first 5G end-to-end design and test solutions are enabling the mobile industry to accelerate 5G product design development from the physical layer to the application layer and across the entire workflow from simulation, design, and verification to manufacturing, deployment, and optimization. The company currently offers common software and hardware platforms compliant to the latest 3GPP standards, enabling the ecosystem to quickly and accurately validate 5G chipsets, devices, base stations and networks, as well as emulate subscriber behavior scenarios. Click here to know more.