Drone Tracking Solution Certified to Protect National Infrastructure in the UK

Dedrone has been awarded certification from the UK's Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) for its counter-drone technology platform DroneTracker. DroneTracker detects, tracks, and identifies drones by using multi-sensor capability combining RF, radar, and optical sensors. The new CPNI drone detection standard is the first official validation of counter-drone technology. It enables organizations deemed to be of critical national importance to adopt drone detection technology with the assurance that it has been tested rigorously.

Any organization needing drone detection technology should consider platforms evaluated and tested by CPNI. Dedrone's DroneTracker platform has successfully met CPNI's rigorous testing standards, and this certification provides further assurances to the customers and partners that their system meets the security needs of the UK's most sensitive infrastructures. 

Dedrone's multi-sensor system enables security providers to match the best-in-class sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) detection hardware with DroneTracker, Dedrone's software. Radiofrequency sensors, including the RF-100 and RF-300, provide flightpath, localization, and classification of sUAS. A PTZ camera system adds localization information via optical and thermal detection, whilst a 3D radar system adds altitude data and detection of autonomous drones. Hardware data was analyzed by DroneTracker 4.1, which provides a near-instantaneous decision regarding whether a drone is a threat, and allows security personnel to respond accordingly.

Dedrone creates customized airspace security solutions allowing organizations to identify, track, and eliminate sUAS threats. Dedrone's solution is deployed to customers around the world, including three of the G7 countries, correctional facilities, utilities, airports, and corporations, among other public and private organizations.