Akoustis Present Technical Results for their 5.6 GHz XBAW Co-Existence Filters

At the 65th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), Akoustis Technologies published the first technical results for their 5.6 GHz UNII XBAW coexistence filters (click here to learn about coexistence filters). The event will take place in San Francisco, CA from December 7-11, 2019. A senior member of the Akoustis technical team and co-author of the paper gave a presentation at the conference.

The paper and presentation by Akoustis will discuss the world’s first UNII 2C+3 channel 5.6 GHz WiFi coexistence filter using the company’s patented and proprietary XBAW process. A key challenge to addressing the UNII 2C+3 band is achieving the bandwidth of 360 MHz while successfully coexisting with signals in the nearby UNII 1+2A band. The need for coexistence with the adjacent UNII 1+2A bands will increase annually as tri-band architectures overtake dual-band architectures in WiFi and as multi-user multiple-in-multiple-out (MU-MIMO) complexity continues to increase. The presentation will include XBAW performance relative to incumbent technologies including dielectric resonators.

According to Dr. Jeff Shealy, Founder and CEO of Akoustis, a unique combination of high-coupling piezoelectric materials and MEMs RF technology allows Akoustis to create a new class of wide bandwidth BAW RF filters in the sub-6 GHz spectrum. The company’s WiFi XBAW filters (AKF-1256) demonstrate a unique combination of low-loss, high-power handling and high-frequency performance while offering up to a 23x size reduction over incumbent RF dielectric resonator filters.

The 5.6 GHz XBAW WiFi Filter Features:
  • Operating center frequency of 5.66 GHz
  • -3 dB bandwidth of 452 MHz (8% fractional bandwidth)
  • Minimum insertion loss of 1.79 dB
  • Average insertion loss of 2.25 dB
  • Out-of-band rejection > 50 dB in the UNII 1+2A band
  • Realized filter die size of 0.557 mm2

The XBAW process has been designed, developed and manufactured at the company’s Si-MEMS wafer fab located in Canandaigua, NY.

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Click here to know more about Akoustis' 5.6 GHz WiFi XBAW co-existence filter (AKF-1256).


  • Country: United States
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