Innovative Mid Range, Cost-Effective RFID Antennas for Keyless Entry

PREMO, a manufacturer of RFID components, has announced a series of Middle-Range Antennas with better mechanical and electrical performance and a size optimized for Low Frequency emitter antennas used in the Automotive RFID market. The KGEA-MRHPM Series of antennas have been designed to reduce the number of antennas used to provide consistent H-field around the whole vehicle. Most of the vehicles currently manufactured all around the world with a KES (Keyless Entry System) use several short antennas. Depending on the quality of the vehicle and the system, 3 to 6 antennas are used (in the door handles, interior, trunk and/or bumper locations), depending on car size. They are transitioning from 3-6 short-range antennas to 3 Middle range antennas and then eventually will move to 1-2 long range antennas thereby reducing the total number of antennas used in the car. 

The proposed antenna KGEA-MRHPM series solves the technical challenges, preserving all the advantages of Mid-Range antennas while keeping all the favorable features of the short-range antennas: cost-effective, mechanically robust and thermally stable. The antenna is available in an IP69K or better waterproof grade package designed for the automotive market. Compared to using multiple short antennas this solution provides better performance and reading distance with fewer antennas. 

This antenna is highly recommended to fulfill the need for high waterproof protection IP (IP69K) and high mechanical loads on it (inflection, torsion and drop tests). The part is fully covered with thermoplastic HPM (High-Pressure Molding) technology, using a PREMO patented technique where there is no point of union between different plastics (bobbin and final over-molding), allowing a complete water-proof antenna. Also, another solution provided by this antenna is its built-in connector (integrated into the HPM over-molding process) to avoid ASSY Cables + external connector, reducing BOM, cost and easing assembly.

This mid-range antenna solution measures 168 mm x 16 mm x 11.65 mm (L x W x H) and has high magnetic field strength (H-field= 140.5dBµV/m@ 2App@3meter(ref)) and HPM (full over-molded, built-in connector), the KGEA-MRHPM series is the best and most suitable cost-effective solution that embodies an optimization of reading distance, sensitivity, mechanical robustness and IP Waterproof issue.

As larger antennas need long magnetic cores (and thus become very brittle) they are less stable when operating at the standard range of operation temperatures ( -40ºC to 85ºC). PREMO solved this issue by using high-temperature stability cores and protecting the core against magnetostriction using low CTE (coefficient thermal expansion) materials and proper L/D relationship of the magnetic core.

The antenna meets the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) among others more restrictive tests specified by automotive OEMs.

This KGEA-MRHPM series antenna can be considered as Universal Mid-Range antenna suitable to fit in any car location (interior, exterior, dry and/or wet zone) using always the same fixing method and same connector. This is particularly important to facilitate PKE/PEPS harness and architecture design in the car.

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