Fairview Introduces 4.3-10 RF Surge Protectors to Safeguard Wireless Equipment

Fairview Microwave has released a new line of coaxial surge protectors to guard valuable communications equipment against power surges and indirect lightning strikes.

Fairview's new RF surge protectors are offered with either male-to-female or male-to-male 4.3-10 connectors. This product line features low insertion loss, maximum input power as high as 500W and multi-strike capability. It also boasts VSWR as low as 1.12:1, a surge current rating of 20kA and the lowest let-through energy in the industry. Plus, the models in this line have a waterproof IP67 rating and are CE & RoHS compliant.

The new 4.3-10 RF surge protectors were made to protect sensitive hardware and maintain high RF performance with a proprietary surge technology that supports fast responses to lightning and power surges. 

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