Cost Effective On-wafer S-parameter Measurement Kits for Students

FormFactor, a provider of essential test and measurement technologies, has developed an on-wafer S-parameter measurement education kits which include all critical components - from a probe station to even a network analyzer - to achieve accurate measurements at an affordable price. Validated and proven to deliver leading-edge performance measurements, the entry-level system is the perfect, easy-to-purchase choice for universities and schools with minimum lab space.

The performance envelope of the solution has been further enhanced and goes far beyond a simple product bundle. The perfect integration of the components, paired with advanced ergonomics and easily accessible controls, guarantee the best usability and highly-precise measurements.

Some key features:

1. Complete turnkey solution
2. Validated and characterized measurements
  • Known measurement accuracy traced back to independent standards
  • Uses best measurement practices for optimized measurements
  • Supported by the measurement experts to make you successful
3. Uncompromised performance at an entry-level price
  • Best in class RD and Microwave performance
  • Small benchtop footprint
  • Industry-standard calibration techniques

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