Advantech Wireless Unveils Specialized 5G Filters for C-Band

Advantech Wireless Technologies has released a specialized filter that will prevent 5G base stations from interfering with C-Band satellite signals. The filter design has been extensively tested and is available for immediate shipment. 

The FCC recently announced its decision to make 280 MHz of C-band spectrum available for 5G services. This decision will accelerate the deployment of 5G services, and it will likely cause some interference with satellite service providers who operate in the C-band. 

In the foreseeable future, many cellular base station transmitters will be allocated to the 5G network resulting in the ubiquitous presence of interfering signals with sufficiently high-power levels to require the use 5G filters to maintain quality of service. 

According to John Restivo, President of Advantech Wireless Technologies - The effects of this decision will be felt, not only in the USA but in many other regions around the world. Preparations for large-scale 5G deployments are already underway in Europe and Japan. This will prompt existing satellite operators and users of C-band to take preventive measures to protect their existing satellite links from possible interference or even complete shutdown. With the common use of wide-band receivers, the likelihood of interference is extremely high.

5G rejection filters from Advantech provide a cost-effective way for C-band operators to stay on the air without having to invest in expensive equipment in order to move their services to higher frequency bands.