Doodle Labs Achieves a 106 Km Data Link Using its S-Band Smart Radio

Developer of IoT long-range broadband communication products, Doodle Labs has achieved a 106-kilometer data link using its Smart Radio in a mobile, aerial environment. The test was conducted by Paramount Advanced Technologies, a subsidiary of Paramount Group, an aerospace and technology company.

An off-the-shelf S-Band Smart Radio, RM-2250-2H-XS was used, which operates from 2.2 - 2.3 GHz and has 2 Watts (33 dBm) of output power. The radios used a small 3 dBi antenna on the aircraft and a 23 dBi directional antenna on the ground station. The Smart Radios were able to provide 300 Kbps throughput at a distance of 106 Km as a small Cessna aircraft carried the flight test box out into the horizon. This Smart Radio has been designed to serve very long-distance communication.

Summary of Technical Specifications (RM-2250)