Doodle Labs Releases its Smart Radio Mesh Router in a Rugged Weatherproof Case

Doodle Labs, a global leader in providing long-range broadband communication for IIoT, has announced the release of an 'External Version' of its popular Smart Radio long-range mesh router. The new version brings all the features and capabilities of the embedded Smart Radio platform and houses them in a rugged, IP67-rated weatherproof case. It now gives customers an off-the-shelf solution they can deploy immediately without additional integration efforts.

The external version is also available in a variety of frequency bands using the same form factor to allow an easy swap for various operating requirements. Samples of the the C-Band model, which operates from 4400 - 5000 MHz are expected to be available by February 2020.

The Smart Radio is a full-featured 2x2 MIMO radio and mesh router in a tiny form factor. It incorporates Doodle Labs’ BII technology, optimized for UGV applications that require mobile and high-throughput wireless broadband links that can tolerate harsh RF conditions.

The Smart Radio platform provides an ultra-reliable, long-range, high-throughput wireless broadband data link for Industrial IoT applications. Its mesh capabilities make it particularly well-suited for mobile and robotics use cases, such as drones and unmanned ground vehicles. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective solution in the market, consistently outperforming the competing MANET mesh routers that are 10-20x more expensive. This affordability allows the deployment of disruptive applications at scale.

Product Specifications:

DIMENSIONS65 x 57 x 14 mm120 x 137 x 58 mm (plus mounting brackets)
WEIGHT90 g540 g
INTERFACES2x Ethernet, USB Hub or UART, 2x GPIO2x RJ45 Ethernet, 2x USB Hub or UART, 3x GPIO

Additional details are available within the Smart Radio datasheets.