Industry Reaches Consensus on Propagation Models for Spectrum Sharing in the 6 GHz Band

The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) has announced the first technical report from its new 6 GHz Band Multi-Stakeholder Committee: WINNF-TR-1002-V1.0.0 “Propagation Models and Interference Protection Criteria for Sharing between the Fixed Service and Unlicensed Devices in the 6 GHz Band.” The report provides stakeholders and regulatory authorities with vital information supporting sharing of this band between incumbent users and the new entrants into the band proposed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Docket 18-295).

WInnForum's 6 GHz Committee has accomplished the most important task for any co-existence analysis: Identify suitable protection criteria and propagation models used to predict compatibility. It's important that these considerations get a buy-in from all stakeholders using the band, and, as the publication of this Technical Report demonstrates, WInnForum has proven to be a highly effective venue for facilitating such coordination and cooperation among a diverse range or participants.

This report represents remarkable cooperation among the members of the WInnForum’s 6 GHz Multi-Stakeholder Committee to achieve consensus on recommendations regarding key elements of the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) needed to protect incumbents. This report provides stakeholders, including the regulatory authorities, with relevant information to study the introduction of unlicensed devices in 6 GHz while protecting the incumbent microwave systems.

WInnForum’s newest Committee conducts projects that focus on the technical aspects of spectrum sharing advancing innovative and competitive uses and increasing deployment speed of AFC systems.

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