NXP to Showcase Advanced RF Solutions for 5G at CES 2020

NXP to Showcase Advanced RF Solutions for 5G at CES 2020

At the upcoming CES 2020 event, NXP Semiconductors, will be showcasing its diverse portfolio of 5G solutions that are enhancing the capabilities of people, organizations, and the world at large. Among its varied smarter solutions to be exhibited, NXP will be highlighting its nextgen connectivity solutions through a connectivity tour. The company will be holding a technology showcase with nearly 10,000 sq. feet of demonstrations at its Booth (#CP-18) in the Central Plaza. CES 2020 is scheduled to be held from January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What to expect from NXP at CES?

How has Ultra-Wideband (UWB) evolved and where is it heading? What are the latest advancements in 5G, WiFi6, and NFC

NXP connectivity experts will answer these questions and more during a journey into secure connectivity for a smarter world. Visitors can experience emerging connectivity uses for mobile, IoT, and industrial applications and also explore working with leading cloud vendors to develop certified solutions for any edge device.

NXP 5G Integrated Solutions

RF power multi-chip modules (MCM) meet performance, time to market, size, and weight requirements of 5G mMIMO networks. NXP’s Airfast MCMs offer the highest levels of integration, ease of use and performance on the market. No matter what frequency band or power, these MCMs enable 5G.

Benefits of 5G Integrated Solutions
High levels of integration:
  • Dual stage LDMOS solutions
  • 50 ohm input and output matching with integrated Doherty
  • Minimized external components and board area
Comprehensive Portfolio:
  • Covering all 5G active antenna frequencies
  • Common footprint across product families
  • Surface mount components compatible with standard manufacturing flows

Comprehensive Portfolio of Evaluation Boards

The 5G MCM solutions are supported with compact reference circuits designed to jump-start power amplifier designs. NXP’s RF Circuit Collection is a comprehensive library of more than 400 RF power amplifier designs addressing a wide range of fast-growing markets from 5G communication infrastructures to smart industrial applications. This collection enables browsing multiple design ideas at once and jump-starts RF power development.

RF Power Multi-Chip Modules

AFSC5G23D372300-2400 MHz, 27 dB, 5 W Avg. Airfast Power Amplifier Module
AFSC5G26D372496-2690 MHz, 27 dB, 5 W Avg. Airfast Power Amplifier Module
AFSC5G35D353400-3600 MHz, 26 dB, 3 W Avg. Airfast Power Amplifier Module
AFSC5G35D373400-3600 MHz, 29 dB, 5 W Avg. Airfast Power Amplifier Module
AFSC5G37D373600-3800 MHz, 29 dB, 5.7 W Avg. Airfast Power Amplifier Module
AFLP5G256412300-2700 MHz, 32 dB, 29 dBm Avg. Airfast Pre-Driver Module
AFLP5G356453400-3800 MHz, 32 dB, 29 dBm Avg. Airfast Pre-Driver Module
AFRX5G2722300-2690 MHz, 33 dB, 1.2 dB NF Airfast Rx Module
AFRX5G3723300-5000 MHz, 34 dB, 1.4 dB NF Airfast Rx Module

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