Companies Using Wirelessly Charged UWB Tracking Tags for Industrial Applications

Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp, a revolutionary wireless charging 2.0 technology, has announced that its partners PiBEX, an R&D subsidiary of POSCO Worldwide, and SK Telesys are developing an ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking tag for POSCO, a Korean-based global steel manufacturer, which will include integration with the WattUp RF wireless charging technology. The POSCO UWB tracking tag enables location-tracking for security and employee safety purposes within industrial factories.

PiBEX and POSCO’s interest in WattUp technology for its UWB tracking tag represents a step forward for the company into the industrial market. The WattUp wireless charging technology is especially applicable for industrial applications because of its scalability, small footprint and the ability to charge both at contact as well as at-a-distance. 

PiBEX R&D Enterprise was established in 2013 with the aim of enhancing the commercial completion of R&D results and creating market profitability based on the ownership of POSCO researchers. POSCO, PIBEX’s parent company, is known for having the first integrated steel mill in Korea and today produces 42 million tons of crude steel a year. The company has grown to become a global business with production and sales in 53 countries around the world.