L3Harris to Upgrade VSAT Terminals for the US Special Operations Command

Global defense solutions provider, L3Harris Technologies, has received a five-year $100 million contract from the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to upgrade and extend the service life of 550 L3Harris Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT). 

Under the contract, L3Harris will provide software, hardware and warranty upgrades that will extend the life of existing Hawkeye III Lite VSAT terminals and deliver significant cost savings. The VSATs originally were secured through the Satellite Deployable Node – Family of Terminals or Satellite Deployable Node – Medium contracts for the program.

The Hawkeye III Lite auto-acquire VSAT is a light-weight, tri-band flyaway system that can be deployed in a matter of minutes by Special Operations Forces. They provide vital communications reach back capability to SOCOM headquarters and other government entities. This light-weight solution can be deployed in a matter of minutes utilizing the auto-acquire antenna system, ViewSat-e GUI, and the GCS Outdoor Unit (ODU).

The modular design of the Hawkeye III series VSATs make it possible to offer RF Band kits for quick and easy conversion from one band to another with just a simple feed boom change. The complete system consists of two or three rugged, hard-sided cases which house the ODU, auto-acquire antenna pedestal, controller, 6-segment carbon fiber circular reflector, boom and feed, and LNB devices for global coverage.

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