Exxelia Acquires Micropen Technologies to Strengthen its Passive Components Portfolio

Exxelia, a designer and manufacturer of high-reliability passive components and sub-systems, has acquired Micropen Technologies Corporation (on Dec. 23, 2019). Micropen is a designer and manufacturer of high technology resistors, known under the Ohmcraft brand, serving the medical, defense, space, and industrial markets. Micropen also manufactures with the same technology unique special sensors dedicated to the medical and security markets.

Micropen Technologies has developed a unique process to print critical functional materials, such as conductive electrodes, precious metals, on various planar or 3D substrates, such as ceramic, plastic and others. This patented system is the core technology for the design and manufacture of Ohmcraft complete line of resistors as well as some of the world’s most innovative monitoring & stimulating medical sensors.

From now, Micropen will be a part of Exxelia's growth and expanded product offerings. The commonalities between these two companies in culture, engineering, technology, and manufacturing excellence are outstanding. This acquisition will unveil new market opportunities for Ohmcraft resistors and Micropen printing capabilities.