New Specifications Improve NFC Communication in Smartphones

The NFC Forum, the global standards body and advocacy association for Near Field Communication (NFC), has released four new specifications for improving the robustness and communications speed of over two billion NFC-enabled devices, like smartphones, in use today. These specifications improve the user experience in noisy radio environments by adding recovery rules and enhanced performance for the development of new use cases taking full advantage of the recently approved Tag NFC Data Exchange Format Exchange Protocol Specification (TNEP) 1.0

Over the last 15 years, the NFC Forum has laid the foundation for one of the most successful technologies in use today. NFC is a standard feature on smartphones and is involved in the daily lives of billions of people. Its unique ability to connect or pair with other technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enables a vast array of new, convenient solutions while simplifying the user experience.

Updated specifications and what was improved:
  • Digital Protocol Technical Specification Version 2.2: This specification addresses the digital protocol for NFC-enabled device communication, providing an implementation specification on top of the ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO/IEC 14443 standards. The new specification adds error recovery for Type 2 and Type 5 Tags communication. This update improves the user experience by ensuring reliable NFC communication in difficult environments where NFC communications might be disturbed.
  • Type 2 Tag to Type 5 Tag Technical Specifications Version 1.1: Type 2 Tag to Type 5 Tag Specification Version 1.1 defines NFC-enabled devices in Reader/Writer Mode and detects, reads and writes an NFC Data Exchange Format message on NFC Forum Tags. The specification was updated to support time-optimized implementations to improve the performance for reading NFC Forum tags in support of the new TNEP protocol.
  • Activity Technical Specification Version 2.1 and Profiles Technical Specification Version 1.0: These specifications were created from Activity 2.0 by splitting it into two specifications to ease in the future maintenance of these specifications. The Profiles section of Activity 2.0 is now described in the Profiles 1.0 Technical Specification. It adds a new Profile to discover all services eventually offered with different technologies. The specification explains how the NFC Digital Protocol Specification can be used to set up the communication protocol with another NFC device or NFC Forum tag.

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