I-PEX Unveils Small Form Factor Connectors for 5G mmWave Applications

Leading provider of high-performance RF connectors, I-PEX Connectors has introduced three new small form factor connectors designed to enable 5G mmWave applications. The connectors include the NOVASTACK 35-HDN Board-to-Board connector and the MHF 7S and MHF 7 Micro RF coaxial connectors.

NOVASTACK 35-HDN Board-to-Board Connector

The new NOVASTACK 35-HDN connector is designed for 5G mmWave and sub-6 applications (i.e. mobile phones, hotspots, AR/VR devices, etc.). Designed for high-frequency applications, this board-to-board form factor is also suitable for high-speed data rate applications, making it ideal for Thunderbolt 3 (20+ Gbps) solutions. The narrow design of this connector (0.35 mm pitch, 0.7 mm height) saves 53% of PCB space compared to existing shielded board-to-board connector. It is fully-shielded, increasing EMC performance by reducing EMI overall. Know more.

MHF 7S Micro RF Coaxial Connector

The MHF 7S is designed to solve EMI issues caused by 5G mmWave transmissions. The connector has unparalleled EMI performance in a small form factor (2.0 x 2.0 mm footprint). With a 1.50 VSWR max at 15 GHz, the MHF 7S solves 5G problems now. This connector is ideal for fixed wireless access, notebook PCs, small cell applications, and any application where improved electrical performance is required.

MHF 7 Micro RF Coaxial Connector

The new MHF 7 connector transmits millimeter wave 5G frequencies up to 45 GHz. Industry leading performance comes packaged in 2.0 x 2.1 mm footprint. With a 1.68 VSWR max at 45 GHz, the MHF 7 solves millimeter wave 5G problems. This connector is ideal for fixed wireless access, notebook PCs, small cell applications, and any millimeter wave application up to 45 GHz.

I-PEX will be showcasing these products at DesignCon 2020 in Santa Clara 28–30 January.

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  • Country: United States
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