Companies Can Now License Qi Wireless Charging Technology for Easy Integration

MPEG LA has announced the availability of it's Qi Wireless Power Patent Portfolio License providing one-stop access to the standard for wireless charging and power transfer known as Qi developed by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Just as Qi makes mobile products more mobile by removing wires from wireless devices, MPEG LA is making Qi technology readily available to the worldwide market on the same terms under an efficient and affordable license.

The initial patent owners to MPEG LA’s Qi Wireless Power Patent Portfolio License are ConvenientPower HK Limited, GE Hybrid Technologies, LLC, Koninklijke Philips N.V., and Robert Bosch GmbH.

MPEG LA’s objective is to offer worldwide access to as many Qi Wireless Power essential patents as possible to everyone on the same terms under a single license. Therefore, MPEG LA welcomes any party that believes it has patents that are essential to the Qi Wireless Power standard to submit them for an evaluation of their essentiality by MPEG LA’s patent experts and inclusion in the License if determined to be essential. 

Click here to read the Qi Wireless Power Patent Portfolio License and a summary of the License terms.

Click here to may request a copy of the terms and procedures governing patent submissions.