Pivotal Announces Commercial Shipment of a 28 GHz Repeater for 5G Applications

Pivotal Commware, a recognized pioneer of 5G mm-Wave technologies, systems, and applications, has initiated commercial shipment of its 28 GHz Pivotal Echo 5G™ subscriber repeater to a Tier 1 mobile network operator in the United States. The Echo 5G uses Holographic Beam Forming® (HBF) technology to serve 5G and mm-Wave applications.

The Echo 5G is a self-installable, on-the-window, precision beamforming repeater designed to counteract mm-Wave penetration, reflection, and structural shadowing losses so it can gently flood an interior with mm-Wave signal. Essentially, the Echo 5G acts as a wireless portal between indoor and outdoor worlds. For fixed wireless access (FWA) providers serving homes and enterprises, the Echo 5G facilitates Gigabit speeds and introduces superior broadband choice and experience to cable and DSL end users. For 5G connected devices, the Echo 5G enables outdoor-to-indoor signal transitions so users can ubiquitously enjoy the immersive 5G experiences that only mmWave capacity can deliver.

The Echo 5G accomplishes this using Pivotal’s patented HBF technology whose cost, size, weight and power consumption (C-SWaP) profile is significantly lower than phased array beamformers; specifically, an order of magnitude less cost, less than half the weight and less than one third the power consumption.

Pivotal and its customers believe that the immersive 5G experiences people and businesses want in media, health, retail and so much more, are possible only with the massive bandwidth available at mm-Wave frequencies. Echo 5G has solved the mm-Wave indoor penetration challenge. Now, mm-Wave license holders worldwide can boost their service to its full potential.

Pivotal’s next product, an outdoor network repeater called Pivot 5G™, will be introduced in the first half of 2020. Pivot 5G will address mm-Wave coverage challenges by capturing and redirecting mm-Wave signals from the 5G base station around obstacles like buildings. By extending the range of 5G base stations, Pivot 5G will reduce base station CAPEX, ongoing OPEX, siting costs and deployment time, while growing network coverage organically along with revenue.

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