RFMW Now Stocking Knowles DLI Products for 5G Applications

RFMW has announced the addition of new products in the Knowles Precision Devices / Dielectric Laboratories Inc (DLI) diverse RF product portfolio.

The new stocking profile covers catalog RF Filters from 1200 MHz to 42 GHz along with a broad range of Surface Mount Couplers and Power Dividers (both Wilkinson and resistive). Stocking these additional devices allows further growth in markets where customers have a strong focus in RF and Microwave development, such as 5G designs.

The new products add to the existing portfolio of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, EMI filters, high reliability capacitors, single layer capacitors, precision variable capacitors and thin film devices for the telecom, automotive, medical, military, space and industrial markets.

Knowles is looking to expand its relationship with RFMW to help increase their market share as well as grow the Knowles Precision Devices brand as customers recognize the performance advantages of the products on offer. Through RFMW’s technically competent sales team, Knowles plans to reach out to a worldwide customer base. In a fast-moving market at a time when 5G development is really gathering speed, having products in-stock is key.

RFMW is one of the leading distributors of RF & Microwave semiconductors, connectors, and components.


  • Country: United States
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