24 GHz Wireless Doppler Radar Sensor Module for Movement Detection

Fujitsu Components America, an electronic and system components distributor, has introduced the FWM7RAZ01, a 3-channel, 24 GHz Doppler radar sensor with a wide speed-detection range and high interference tolerance. The module and evaluation kit facilitates the rapid development and evaluation of various non-contact, movement sensing products even without high-frequency RF electronics expertise. Target applications include human vital sign and fall monitoring, structural and mechanical movement detection, machine maintenance, and more, for healthcare and industrial markets.

The FWM7RAZ01 supports IF (I/Q) output signals from 1 Hz to 1 MHz enabling it to wirelessly detect movement speeds from 6mm-per-second to 6km-per-second, within a 30-meter range. Although 1 MHz of the Doppler Effect is not observable in real-world applications, it is effective for detecting signal interference. To prevent signal overlap, the system can select a different channel and avoid misdetection before it happens.

The FWM7RAZ01 Doppler radar sensor consists of a 24 GHz transceiver, TX and RX array antennas, IF amplifier, MCU, DAC, E2PROM and an LDO voltage regulator all integrated into a single, compact module measuring 30mm x 44mm x 9.5mm. Pin header terminals positioned on the back of the module simplify integration, even for designers who aren’t familiar with high-frequency circuits. Compared to other detection methods like infrared, ultrasound and laser scan, 24 GHz radio waves are more stable and less affected by environmental conditions, such as weather, temperature, illuminance, sound or dirt. The waves also easily penetrate clothing, curtains, glass, and most wooden structures.

Samples of the FWM7RAZ01 Doppler radar sensor and evaluation kit will be available in February 2020.