Keysight Collaborates with Silicon Labs to Validate Timing Solutions for Wireless Communications

Keysight has announced collaboration with silicon and smart technology solutions provider, Silicon Labs, to streamline the validation of timing solutions critical in the development of system-level designs for wireless communications, high-speed digital, medical imaging and automotive applications.

Timing plays a key role in the smooth transfer of data in wireless and wireline networks and relies on highly accurate clocks. Easy access to tools for validating timing solutions accelerates development and adoption of new technology. Keysight and Silicon Labs thus joined forces to simplify access to phase noise measurements by leveraging Keysight’s real-time Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscope, new phase noise analysis software, and Silicon Labs’ high performance products. As a result, existing users of Keysight’s UXR oscilloscopes, such as manufacturers of oscillators, high-speed digital systems and power amplifier (PA) front end modules (FEMs), can quickly and cost-effectively characterize the performance of clocks and oscillators that underpin their designs.

According to James Wilson, General Manager of timing products for Silicon Labs, combining Silicon Labs’ deep experience in measuring and characterizing low-jitter timing signals with Keysight’s high-performance oscilloscopes significantly simplifies customers’ ability to evaluate low-jitter clocks from Silicon Labs.

Keysight’s new phase noise analysis software is available via the company’s UXR oscilloscopes, which offer signal fidelity across a wide frequency range. Users of the enhanced phase noise measurement capability can easily evaluate the timing phase noise and jitter performance of Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of oscillators, clock generators, clock buffers and IEEE 1588 modules.

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