High Power Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio with Ultra-Low Latency

LightPointe, a manufacturer of outdoor 60 GHz and 70/80 GHz Point to Point radios, has added a new ultra high power Gigabit Radio to their Aire X-Stream product line. The new Gigabit Radio has the highest output (+28 dBm) and lowest latency (less than 10 nanoseconds) on the market. The links are designed around LightPointe’s Ultra-Low Latency platform, which has become the de-facto standard in applications requiring faster-than-fiber data transmission such as High-Speed Trading (HFT), Data Center connectivity, and bandwidth-intensive transmission of digital video.

LightPointe Aire X-Stream Ultra HP system is designed to benefit its customers needing to go further or increase the margin on some of their longer links. In addition to offering the highest output power, it is designed in a brand new housing.

Key Product Features:
  • Full-duplex 1 Gbps operation.
  • Ultra-Low latency.
  • Compatible with existing LightPointe antennas.
  • Double the bandwidth with use of a Dual Polarization Adapter (DPA).
  • Attractive all outdoor design with Hot-swappable SFP.

LightPointe’s Aire X-Stream™ Series is ideal for Ultra-Low Latency Gigabit capacity transmission. These faster-than-fiber backhaul solutions are used for point-to-point connectivity between buildings or towers in high-speed networks, including High-Frequency Trading (HFT) applications and other time-sensitive environments. With equipment/terminal latency of less than 10 nanoseconds—not milliseconds as in most competing solutions—these radios offer full-duplex Layer 1 transmission transparency with system latency up to 5,000 times less than competing standard Gigabit Ethernet radios.