CommAgility and NXP Collaborate to Develop 5G New Radio Platform

CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company, has collaborated with NXP Semiconductors to develop the recently-announced Layerscape Access LA12XX Programmable Baseband Processors for 5G New Radio (NR) processing. The collaboration enables CommAgility to accelerate 5G hardware and software development and enhance the performance of its 5G platform, providing significant advantages to customers and reducing their time to market. CommAgility will use its 5G platform to create private and specialized network solutions based on NXP programmable baseband processors. The collaboration will help CommAgility address the anticipated 5G long-term growth opportunity and both companies will work together to meet customer requirements and provide unique, competitive solutions.

CommAgility is already implementing its 5G NR PHY and Protocol Stack software on the NXP processors, initially supporting sub-6GHz bands and mm-Wave frequencies. With the combination of the software and processors, CommAgility can design and deploy a complete, optimized 5G software and hardware portfolio for access points, small cells and specialized networks, which the company recently announced will be available in 2020.

CommAgility’s expertise in LTE and 5G RAN hardware and software are a complement to NXP’s innovative, software-defined baseband processors for the 5G Access Edge. With this collaboration, NXP welcomes CommAgility to their strong ecosystem of 5G partners and look forward to further collaborations that will help deliver on the 5G promise.

CommAgility’s collaboration with NXP will create cost-effective, power-efficient solutions with high data throughput. CommAgility’s 4G software and hardware has already been deployed in a wide range of LTE applications from commercial to specialized networks and the company is looking forward to continued growth with its new 5G New Radio product line.

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