Sivers IMA Confirms 4 New Design Wins for its Unique 57-71 GHz RFIC

Sivers IMA, a leading provider of data and telecommunication solutions, has confirmed four new design wins with Tier 3 customers for its unique 57-71 GHz RFIC, TRXBF01. During the course of the last ten months (March-December 2019), Sivers IMA shipped more than 35 evaluation kits (EVK) to customers addressing several different verticals and use cases. In the first quarter of 2019, the company had 9 design-wins in total, it now has 16 design-wins, reaching a 20% conversion rate from EVK to design-win, after 10 months.

According to Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA Holding, the growing number of design wins is a great proof point that customers evaluating Sivers IMA’s chipsets convert into new design-wins. According to him, one of the reasons for the success is that Sivers IMA seems to still be the only fully commercial 60 GHz phased array solution that also supports the 66-71 GHz band, which was also recently allocated as a license-free 5G-NR frequency band at the World Radio Conference.

In this early design-win development phase, the company estimates a limited impact on near term revenues. The development cycle from design-win to supply agreement and volume production can vary quite a lot; hence it is hard to estimate any timeline, however normally a 9 to 18-month cycle time is a good estimate, according to Sivers IMA.