Real Time High-Precision GNSS Augmentation Service for Europe and USA

Sapcorda Services GmbH, a GNSS service provider focusing on the emerging high-precision GNSS mass markets, has released its SAPA (Safe And Precise Augmentation) Premium GNSS positioning service. The SAPA service enables mass-market GNSS devices to operate with increased accuracy and reliability across Europe and the continental United States. The service’s technology unlocks advanced performance with instantaneous sub-decimeter position accuracy for devices used in all market applications.

SAPA is delivered using the open industry-recognized SPARTN (Safe Position Augmentation for Real-Time Navigation) format, which allows efficient delivery of the correction data via internet and satellite broadcast. When using Sapcorda’s service, users across Europe and the United States can experience homogeneous, gap-free, advanced positioning performance with any GNSS hardware designed for high precision positioning.

The SAPA service is tailored for mass-market applications, including innovative mobility solutions, IoT applications, and traditional markets such as maritime. SAPA was designed from ground up to support safety-critical applications such as autonomous driving.

SPARTN is a high-accuracy, open- and free-to-use GNSS format tailored for broadcast distribution in mass-market applications. Sapcorda Services GmbH has designed its technology and service offering to serve high volume automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.