Giga-tronics Introduces Multi-Channel RF Spectrum Record and Playback System for RADAR and EW Applications

Giga-tronics has announced the availability of a newly-released fully coherent multi-channel streaming RF capture, analysis, storage, and playback system. The product is an industry-leading high performance fully integrated system for use at all levels of system design, development, verification, validation, and operational testing of Radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

The core of the system is Giga-tronic’s AXIe based Advanced Signal Generation and Advanced Signal Analysis subsystem that provides fully coherent multi-channel operation of both the RF Receiver front end and the RF upconverter. Sharing common system reference signals allows synchronous operation of all parallel channels from RF to digital and digital to RF.

The RF/Microwave subsystem has excellent spectral purity, phase noise, noise figure, high dynamic range, tuning speed, tuning resolution, and real-time control across a very large RF operating range with high instantaneous bandwidth (1 GHz IBW @ RF/Microwave, 2 GHz IBW @ direct to digital). The IF/Digital subsystems also have industry-leading performance in conversion rates, streaming data bandwidth and storage (up to 192TB), and processing power. This unparalleled overall system performance is critical for the complete testing of today’s advanced Radar and EW systems to include current and emerging next-generation threats.

Another key benefit of this Giga-tronics fully integrated modular solution is its scalability and reconfigurability. The solution is configurable for Capture and Analysis only, Streaming RF Playback only, or both combined in a single system. Ruggedized transit case options are available for range or field use.

Some of the key applications that require this high level of performance are Coherent Electronic Attack development/tests, DRFM-based Jammer technique development/tests, advanced coherent EW Technique development, real-world environment capture/playback bringing the complex RF environment into the lab, and more. The architecture supports the addition of multi-core GPUs for hosting user-developed or third-party applications for real-time analysis of streaming data as it is being captured.

Giga-tronics is continually developing new products and solutions supporting all levels of System Design, Development, Verification, Validation, and Operational Testing of Radar and EW systems. This new product further differentiates the Company in the market as the first and only to offer a true multi-channel, coherent capture solution that operates at frequencies used by military RADARS and Jammers.