TMD to Showcase Advanced EMC/EMI Products at EMV 2020

At the upcoming EMV 2020 event, leading RF/Microwave expert, TMD Technologies, will be showcasing its exceptional and proven capability in the EMC/EMI field. EMV is Europe’s premier exhibition for visitors to discover electromagnetic compatibility in all its different forms. It gives TMD the ideal opportunity to present its PTCM Series intelligent TWT (Travelling Wave Tube) instrumentation amplifiers to a wide spectrum of professionals from industry, commerce, defense and science – especially highlighting our new ultra-high power, dual combined version PTCM.

At EMV 2020, TMD Technologies will Showcase the following

Experience in Power Combining Techniques

TMD has years of experience in power combining techniques to achieve the higher powers required for the more challenging EMC HIRF (High-Intensity RF) testing applications. This has now enabled the company to offer higher power-combined amplifiers in its advanced PTCM range – with all the standard built-in user benefits, including rugged modular design, advanced self-diagnosis, graphical user interface, and remote management.

TMD’s new Dual PTCM units – designed for the most demanding EMC HIRF testing applications, deliver more than 10 kW pulsed and greater than 4 kW CW, mainly covering the range 2-18 GHz. This exceptional performance is achieved by combining two TWTs and high voltage power supplies within one rack-mountable amplifier – thus maintaining a single input and output. Looking to the future, TMD is already in the process of developing higher multiple combinations.

Standard, Single Version PTCM Series – With Host of User Benefits

TMD’s total capability is exemplified by the PTCM Series of intelligent, modular TWT based microwave and RF instrumentation amplifiers. These amplifiers offer the highest performance and a wealth of operational benefits in a compact package. They are suitable for not only EMC/EMI but for many other scientific and medical applications.

The standard PTCM Series units operate over a frequency range from DC to 42 GHz with a power output up to 50 kW. Of standard 6U high rack mounting construction, they are designed to deliver the highest field strengths in the test environment. The user benefits provided by these highly intelligent amplifiers include self-test, fault diagnosis, modular plug and play replaceable printed circuit boards, Ethernet remote control and monitoring, and VSWR reflected power protection. A System-on-Chip (SoC) controls and synchronizes all power conversion circuitry in real time, together with all the monitoring, control, data logging and user interface functionality. Furthermore, the modular 6U system allows several configuration options according to customers’ requirements. Built to demanding military standards, with excellent thermal management, the PTCM Series amplifiers provide the highest MTBF.

Customized Units and Turnkey Systems

Not only does TMD offer a full range of microwave products for EMC/EMI applications but, as part of its comprehensive support portfolio, it can supply customized units to customers’ own specifications, as well as providing full turnkey systems.

TMD Team at EMV 2020
  • Imad Gharib (Sales Manager, RF and Microwave Amplifiers)
  • Andy Crawford (Head of Sales, North America)

EMV 2020 is scheduled to be held from March 17-19 in Cologne, Germany. Click here for more information about the event.


  • Country: United Kingdom
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