TMD Technologies Invests in GaN Amplifier Specialist Diamond Microwave

Diamond Microwave Limited (DML), a technology specialist in high-performance microwave power amplifiers, has announced that TMD Technologies Ltd (TMD), a manufacturer of high-performance equipment for the microwave industry, has become a shareholder in DML.

Diamond Microwave has been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of advanced compact GaN-based microwave high-power solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) for the radar, electronic warfare (EW), communications and aerospace sectors. DML’s chip and wire GaN technology are particularly suited to these demanding applications, where their power-to-volume performance is a leading-edge capability differentiator.  

This investment is a welcome step in enhancing DML’s existing relationship and further developing its joint interests in world-class amplifier products. TMD is an ideal partner for DML, bringing the possibility of new channels through which to develop and exploit DML’s solid-state power amplifier technology. DML’s specialized technological expertise has proved particularly successful across the aerospace and defence industries and complements TMD’s current technologies targeted at this market sector.