Renesas and Panthronics to Develop Wireless Charging Solutions with NFC Connectivity for IoT Markets

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high-performance wireless products, have collaborated to develop wireless charging solutions. Renesas is pairing its wireless charging ICs with Panthronics’ near-field communications (NFC) readers and controllers to accelerate adoption with a broader set of customers and applications. Panthronics NFC solutions deliver the highest power and connectivity for wireless charging applications thanks to their patented sine wave driver architecture. Renesas delivers cutting-edge wireless power solutions both for the receivers used in smartphones and other applications, as well as the transmitters inside charging pads and automotive in-car applications.

Renesas with Panthronics will deliver industry-leading wireless charging paired with NFC connectivity for the explosive IoT market. Renesas’ combined technical excellence and differentiated IP will allow it to design turn-key, smallest and highest performance wireless power solutions, which its customers crave for their next-generation IoT endpoint products. This collaboration enables Renesas’ broad range of customers and expansive partner ecosystem to directly benefit from Panthronics’ ground-breaking NFC solutions. The combination of Panthronics disruptive NFC products delivering industry-best RF performance combines perfectly with Renesas’ best-in-class wireless charging technology to leap ahead of all product solutions available today.

The partnership should bring best-in-class solutions to the consumer, industrial, and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. The collaboration realizes technical leadership in performance, size reduction, lower BOM and power consumption while offering OEMs faster time to market. Both companies are exploring further collaboration and integration opportunities with Panthronics NFC products and Renesas microcontrollers, microprocessors, analog, power, sensor and connectivity products.