Small Satellites Conference to Take Place on 27 and 28 April, 2020

The SMi Group will be hosting its Small Satellites 2020 conference on the 27th and 28th April 2020 in London, UK. With an increasing adoption of small, nano and cube satellites constellation within the commercial market, this two-day conference will provide delegates the opportunity to meet and network with key industry figures to explore the evolving space market and discuss key updates from leading commercial solution providers on what the emerging mega-constellations mean for the future of space.

Small Satellites 2020 will include a wide variety of established expert speakers. And in lieu of the upcoming event, SMi Group has released interviews with two of the speakers - Dr Roger Hunter, Program Manager, Small Spacecraft and Technology, NASA and Dr Chris Brunskill, Head of Access to Space, Global Government, Satellite Applications Catapult.

Here is a snapshot of Dr Hunter’s interview from NASA:

Q) How, in your view, will the emergence of small satellite constellations and lower cost access to space change the way humans explore and develop the domain?

A) The exploration of space used to be the province of just two nations, the two superpowers: The US and the USSR. However, the democratization of space has changed from a geopolitical contest between those to two nations to the exploitation of space for the economic purposes. As we have seen over the centuries, when new “territory” opened, the economic impacts followed. It is likely to continue and accelerate as more nations, more companies, and more entrepreneurs see the value of “going to space” as part of a business decision.

Following is the snapshot of Dr Brunskill’s interview from Satellite Applications Catapult:

Q) How does the Satellite Applications Catapult fit into a broader space innovation culture being cultivated in the UK?

A) The Catapult aims to bring together industry, government and academia to drive new innovation in the space sector. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Catapult is a unique, neutral entity that convenes and facilitates the delivery of new technology and commercial products and services. Our outputs cover network development across the national and international stakeholder landscapes, technology development, implementation and provision of facilities and commercial support services. These provide direct, accessible and tangible opportunities for the UK space industry to access new cross-sector markets.

Click here to read the full speaker interviews.

Key Updates for Small Satellites 2020:

This year’s conference will feature CONTEC as a sponsor and exhibitor. CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and is providing Space Ground Station Service and Satellite Image Processing & Application Service as well as whole ground integration solution.

There will also be a half-day post conference workshop on the 29th April 2020. The workshop will be led by Squadron Leader Adrian Holt, Innovation Scout, JHub, UK MoD on “Disruptive Approaches to Space: How to Work with JHUB”.

Delegates will also meet 30+ organisations presenting at Small Satellites 2020 such as: Israel Space Agency | Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd | Gallagher Aerospace | SatRevolution S.A. | STFC-UKRI (Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK Research and Innovation) | Stara Space | Satellite Applications Catapult | Northern Sky Research (NSR) | B2space Limited | NASA | Air Force Research Lab / Space Vehicle Directorate | Dstl | The Aerospace Corporation | Portuguese Space Agency | Federal Communications Commission | ITU | Agence Nationale des Frequences (ANFR) | University of Strathclyde | DTU and Northumbria University.

For those interested in attending, the final early bird discount to save £100 off the conference price expires on 28th February. Click here to register now.