Cyient Introduces X-Band Transmit and Receive Module for AESA Radar Systems

Advancing commercial air travel, missile technology, and unmanned aerial vehicles are driving growth across the airborne radar market. Aerospace and defense OEMs are turning to suppliers to reduce size, weight, and time-to-market while enhancing reliability. Cyient, a global engineering, and technology solutions company, has launched its X-Band Transmit and Receive Module (TRM) which offers an innovative solution to OEMs seeking a lightweight, ITAR-free TR Module for Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar systems.

Given the manufacturing complexities and export control regulations, standard TR Modules available today are extremely expensive. TR Modules are also the building blocks for AESA radars and account for over 33% of normalized system production costs. Addressing these challenges starts at the component level, where the design, development, and qualification processes play a crucial role in system optimization. Conventional designs use chip & wire bond assembly that results in poor yield and high cost of manufacturing. Standard TR Modules also use connectors that increase overall product weight.

The Cyient X-Band TR Module’s unique architecture and small form factor yield a 20% reduction in weight when compared to conventional X-Band TR Modules. The Cyient TRM is designed using hybrid PCB technology and non-ITAR components, enabling OEMs to exercise offset obligations with improved efficiencies. Cyient's X-Band TR Module uses prescreened products and a COTS design approach that automates the assembly process and significantly reduces manufacturing and qualification costs.

While the market for ITAR-free capability, especially in ISR, is large, there are limited options for OEMs for radar componentry. The Cyient Transmit and Receive Module solution delivers cutting-edge capability at a lower cost. The module can be used on almost all radar systems in X-Band such as: airborne radars, ground-based radars, naval/marine radars, air traffic control radars, vehicle-mounted radars, and border surveillance radars. As an added advantage, Cyient can provide tailored solutions such as quad-TRM and tile-array architecture, based on client requirements.

Cyient Transmit and Receive Module Specifications are as Follows:
  • Power 5W class (GaN)
  • 3.5 dB Noise Figure
  • 6-bit Phase Control
  • 5-bit Amplitude Control
  • Digital Control
  • Connector-less design
  • Weight: 20 grams

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