Copper Mountain Technologies Partners with Purdue University to Promote RF Engineering

To help grow the next generation of Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers, Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) has partnered with the Purdue University Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Program in West Lafayette, IN. The mission of CMT is to extend the reach of engineers by providing vector network analyzers that are portable, accessible, and affordable. By partnering with Purdue, the Company is hoping to promote growth in the increasingly important field of RF engineering.

Despite the recent rise in engineering students and degree options, there is a shortage of RF engineers. With the abundance of wireless and IoT devices being created around the world, the requirement for engineers researching, designing, and working with these devices has grown and the demand for these professionals is not being met. There is a wide range of job opportunities for RF engineers in industries such as transportation, medical, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and beyond. The ultimate goal of CMT is to help engage and support students in the ECE program at Purdue University and encourage interest in RF and microwave technology.

Copper Mountain Technologies develops innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers all over the world.