These Isolated Ku-Band Power Splitters Help Customers Avoid Expensive Space-Qualification Tests

Smiths Interconnect, has released a new series of high reliability multi-way isolated splitters for high-frequency Ku-bands. The SpaceNXT MWC Series of isolated splitters have been specifically designed for a variety of space applications from MEO/GEO satellites to deep space probes. 

Testing for the SpaceNXT MWC Series is performed in house and in compliance with general space qualification flows, incorporating industry standard environmental requirements or custom screening and qualification flows provided by users as preferred. The test sequence and limits were designed and selected by Smiths Interconnect on a worst-case combination based on user requirements.

According to Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing VP at Smiths Interconnect, customers currently have a limited choice when it comes to commercial space applications that require a technically superior solution. Current products require extensive qualification testing and this cost is usually absorbed by the customer. By carrying out in-house qualification testing, Smiths Interconnect can shift the product testing responsibility from the customer to itself, at the same time giving them the confidence that their products will meet the demanding specifications and needs of their space program.

The MWC Series are 2-way Ku-Band isolated splitters that operate from 10.7 to 12.8 GHz. They are available in a compact, low mass structure that features field-replaceable connectors that can be adapted for alternative mechanical or electrical arrangements. The isolated splitters provide an insertion loss of less than 1.4 dB with an inter-channel isolation of 35 dB. They are EMC shielded, RoHS compliant and available in a stackable Aluminium casing. Customers can inform Smith Interconnect if they want them configured as a combiner or splitter.

The Series is ideally designed to offer the commercial satellite uplink band (downlink also available) with specific attention to achieving phase stable output amplitude characteristics. The mechanical solution is suitable to support other operating bands, from X- to Ka, and can be made available in other configurations.

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