Bluetooth Qualification Test Solution for All Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Tests

Ellisys has announced the availability of a Bluetooth qualification tester and protocol analyzer which supports the latest version of the Bluetooth Core Specification. At CES, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) approved the adoption of Bluetooth v5.2 and introduced LE Audio as the next generation in Bluetooth audio. This latest version of the specification defines the underlying isochronous capabilities needed to support audio on the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radios. The Bluetooth SIG also released qualification testing documentation and associated requirements based on the updated specification. Tests defined in this documentation are supported by the Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier (EBQ) dual-mode radio controller qualification test system.

New Specification Addresses Three Major Areas

This latest iteration of the Bluetooth Core Specification defines three major updates for Bluetooth, each aimed for implementation over the Low Energy radio. These include the addition of an isochronous framework, power-versus-signal quality optimizations, and protocol enhancements to enable multi-device access to a common software stack.

Low Energy Audio to Enable a New Wave of Applications and Development

Bluetooth audio has historically operated solely over the Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) radio, but with the release of version 5.2, Bluetooth LE will now support traditional BR/EDR audio use cases and enable interesting applications, which are expected to drive the development of a new wave of audio products. Making it possible for Bluetooth LE to transfer audio and support these new applications is the addition of LE Isochronous Channels, a complex feature set that underpins LE Audio by providing the framework needed to support features like audio sharing and synchronized multi-streaming. A new codec is added, Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3), which delivers high-quality audio at a bit rate much lower than SBC, resulting, quite importantly, in lower power requirements.

Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG commented that the Bluetooth community continues to drive the technology forward to meet evolving market needs and creating new opportunities. LE Audio is a prime example. It will not only enhance the performance of existing Bluetooth audio products, but it also introduces Audio Sharing, a new audio use case poised to transform the way one experience audio and connect with the world around them.

Ellisys Bluetooth Solutions Support

Ellisys Bluetooth test and analysis solutions are used by developers worldwide, including radio and controller manufacturers, IP companies, including software stack creators, makers of consumer electronics, cybersecurity services, automotive companies, test labs, and others. The company's solutions include the Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier (EBQ) platform, and several protocol analyzer tools supporting both Bluetooth radio types – Low Energy and Classic (BR/EDR). EBQ is a comprehensive compliance, validation, and development system for Bluetooth technology, targeting the behaviors of the lower communications layers, including implementation of more than a thousand test cases defined by the Bluetooth SIG. Ellisys protocol analyzers include the ubiquitous Tracker, Explorer, and Vanguard systems, offering deep features sets designed to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Availability and Product Information

The EBQ is available from stock to Bluetooth SIG-recognized test labs, known as Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTF) and Bluetooth Recognized Test Facilities (BRTF), and to Bluetooth SIG member companies involved with a radio controller and IP development. Ellisys protocol analyzer systems are available either from Ellisys or from authorized distributors worldwide. 

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