ThinkRF RF Spectrum Analyzers Used to Develop Cost Effective CBRS Drive Test Solution

ThinkRF, a leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, has announced a fully integrated wireless network testing system with CelPlan Technologies. The solution allows RF engineers to conduct drive tests and evaluate network performance, map coverage, or identify issues with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), a new network standard that leverages the previously underutilized 3.5 GHz spectrum range for shared public use in commercial wireless services.

With the high-performance ThinkRF Spectrum Analyzer as the scanning receiver and leading drive test software from CelPlan, the solution offers the highest frequency range in the smallest form factor, with 100 MHz real-time bandwidth. It enables engineers to simultaneously monitor and record the 3.5 GHz band of interest as well as the surrounding spectrum for accurate performance prediction, or playback and post-processing.

Dr. Jasvinder Obhi, VP, Product Management and Marketing of ThinkRF commented that the demand for new applications that use wireless communications is developing at an incredible speed. To cope with this demand, CBRS-enabled spectrum sharing is a necessity, bringing with it additional levels of complexity when it comes to test and measurement. In combining CelPlan’s drive test software with their spectrum analyzers, RF engineers now have all the analysis, scanning and storage capabilities they need for CBRS in one system.

Leonhard Korowajczuk, CEO of CelPlan commented that test equipment is typically limited to a few specific bands. Each time a new band is added or wireless technology changes, RF engineers have to purchase additional equipment at great expense. CelPlan’s solutions allow spectrum analysis and technology scanning to be done on the same captured spectrum. Working with ThinkRF’s software-defined spectrum analyzers, that cover up to 40 GHz, allows them to deliver a versatile, cost-effective alternative, which will be crucial to successful deployments of 5G and CBRS.

By integrating software-defined radio technologies from ThinkRF and spectrum analysis tools from CelPlan, the solution offers:

  • Built-in Spectrum Analyzer for signal and interference analysis
  • I/Q data recording capability for post-analysis
  • Deeper analysis and visualization tools for fading and MIMO analysis
  • High-performance receiver with automatic gain control, pre-select filtering, and much more.

The solution is available from ThinkRF today.